Nitrogen Dioxide Detector (NO2)

Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Analyzer

Model :GT-2000-NO2

Product Description:

GT-2000-NO2 gas analyzer is suitable for Nitrogen Dioxide gas concentration detection in various industrial environments and special environments. It adopts imported electrochemical gas sensors and micro-controller technology, with fast response and high accuracy,which makes it ranks the leading level in China. Users can customize the settings for various parameters, and easy to operate. With 6000mA large capacity battery, GT-2000-NO2 has a long standby time.

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Nitrogen Dioxide Gas Analyzer(GT2000-NO2)

• military quality, minimalist design, all-aluminum alloy material
• built-in powerful suction pump, equipped with aluminum sampling handle for remote sampling
• meet the requirements of gas detection in different industries, such as: laboratories, environmental monitoring, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.


Simultaneous Detection of 12 Different Gases

• various combinations of different sensors
• support PM2.5 dust particle sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, etc.
• three concentration units can be switched freely :PPM,%VOL,mg/m3.
• with data storage function,Up to 369,600 group data can be stored.


Mobile Printing Function can be realized

• built-in micro printer or external bluetooth printer to achieve mobile printing (optional)
• all software automatic calibration, each kind of sensor can calibrate up to 6 target concentration values to ensure the accuracy and linearity of the entire measurement
• dust-proof, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe circuit design, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, meet the latest national standards and obtain CMC certified (China Metrology Certification)

Technical Parameters

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