Fluorine Gas Detector (F2)

Fluorine Gas Detector

Model :GT-1000-F2

Product Description:

GT-1000-F2 pump suction type compound gas detector is suitable for Fluorine gas concentration detection in various industrial environments and special environments. It adopts imported electrochemical gas sensors and micro-controller technology, with fast response and high accuracy.

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Humanized Design

• custom setting detection mode,storage mode and print mode as needed
• 3.5 inches LCD color screen with IPS display,perfectly display from any angles
• pump can be turned off during the detection interval to prolong the standby time


Powerful Function

(1) standard function

      • data logging,up to 154,000 groups
      • temperature and humidity detection
      • can be comfigure flexibly up to 5 gas sensors
(2) optional function

      • GPRS wireless transmission
      • large capacity TF memory card storage
      • dust detection(PM0.3/PM0.5,PM1.0,PM2.5,PM10)
      • mobile printing,micro-printer or portable bluetooth printer


Wide Usage

• dust-proof, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe

  circuit design
• three concentration units are available:

• with temperature compensation,suitable for all 

   kinds of harsh applications

Product Specification

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