Prevention of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Carbon monoxide is colorless,odorless ,tasteless,but highly toxic. Concentrations as low as 667   ​ppm  may cause up to 50% of the body's hemoglobin to convert to carboxyhemoglobin and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. In the United States,the OSHA limits long-term workplace exposure levels about 50ppm.


  To prevent us from carbon monoxide poisoning,a carbon monoxide gas alarm is deeply needed.It can efficiently detector the CO leakage,and alarm with light and sound.

Once the carbon monoxide gas detector alarms,pls keep the following in mind:

(1)  Open the door and window to bring the fresh air in to greatly reduce the concentration of carbon monoxide.

(2)  Close the valve immediately to prevent continued leakage.Prohibit all actions that can cause sparks,and do not open the light,fan or range hood.

(3)  ​Hold your breath and wear a wet cloth glove or wrap your arm with a wet towel to prevent burns when closing the gas valve.

(4)  Cover your nose and mouth with a wet towel and leave.

(5)  If there's someone poisoned,move him quickly to the place where fresh air
​circulates,and simply rescue after calling for an ambulance.



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