Multi Gas Detector

Portable 4 in 1 gas detector

Model :GT-903

Product Description:

This portable 4 in 1 gas detector is for LEL,CO,H2S&O2,gas concentration and historical data can be displayed in the 2.4 inches LCD HD color screen,user can also save the concentration data and output historical data to the PC.Temperature and humidity detection function is also available if needed.

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imported sensor provide more accurate measuring
pumping design makes gas detection faster and safer
6 levels of target calibration points ensures the linearity


User Friendly Design

• pump can be turned off during the detection interval

• standard Android interface,compatible with Android

  phone data lines

• custom setting detection mode and  storage mode

  as needed are available


Wide Range of Uses

• IP66 rating,suitable for all kinds of harsh            

• three concentration units are available:

• a variety of accessories:hose,probe,sampling 

  handle,dust filter

Product Specification


Gas Detector Remote Communication Solution A

Gas Detector Remote Communication Solution A


RS485 to fiber transmission——The system network is bas on bus communication mode,RS485 signal transmit to optical transmitter and receiver and convert into optical signal, then transmit through fiber.


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