Multi Gas Detector

Multifunctional Composite Gas Analyzer

Model :GT-2000

Product Description:

Multi-functional composite gas analyzer is suitable for multi gas concentration detection in various industrial environments and special environments. It adopts imported electrochemical/infrared/semiconductor / thermal conduction / catalytic combustion gas sensors and micro-controller technology, with fast response and high accuracy. which makes it ranks the leading level in China.

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Compound Gas Analyzer-GT-2000

military quality, minimalist design, all-aluminum alloy material
built-in powerful suction pump, equipped with aluminum sampling handle for remote sampling
meet the requirements of gas detection in different industries, such as: laboratories, environmental monitoring, tobacco industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.


Simultaneous Detection Of 12 Different Gases

•  various combinations of different sensors
•  support PM2.5 dust particle sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, etc.
•  three concentration units can be switched freely :PPM,%VOL,mg/m3.
•  with data storage function,Up to 369,600 group data can be stored.


Mobile Printing Function Can Be Realized

•  built-in micro printer or external bluetooth printer to achieve mobile printing (optional)
•  all software automatic calibration, each kind of sensor can calibrate up to 6 target concentration values to ensure the accuracy and linearity of the entire measuremen
•  dust-proof, explosion-proof, intrinsically safe circuit design, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, meet the latest national standards and obtain CMC certified (China Metrology Certification)

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